Time and Place

An Archive of Photos and Videos from Various Events

Native American Indian Sunday Service, April 30th, 2017

Cherokee Morning Song

A ceremonial burning of a copy of a document associated with the Doctrine of Discovery. Based on Papal Bulls issued by Pope Alexander VI in 1493, the Doctine of Discovery became the premise for all European claims in the Americas, as well as the foundation for the United States' western expansion. One impact of it was that it allowed Christian dominion over Indigenous lands and called for the subjugation of American Indians for the purpose of propagating Christian doctrine.

In 2012, the General Conference of The United Methodist Church called upon all levels of the Church to condemn the Doctrine of Discovery as a legal document and as a basis for seizing native lands and abusing the human rights of indigenous peoples.

Congregation members at the service also signed a letter to Congressman Mike Turner. It requests that he "advocate on behalf of the Native Americans fremaining in our country, who have been stripped of their land, their possessions, their dignity, and often their lives, throughout the history of our nation."

Steak Dinner, March 2017

Christmas Eve Service, 2016

Christmas Eve message by Pastor Steve Gill - Eternal Light

Presentation to Jerry Murphy, December 18th, 2016

A ceremony to honor Jerry Murphy, who has been a long-time volunteer maintenance, upgrading and remodeling genius at St. Paul. In addition to being instrumental in keeping our our historic building in good repair, and having the vision and skills to make key improvements, he has compiled a history of the church that he presented here at St. Paul recently. Today's event acknowledged both his service to the church and his 80th birthday, and he was presented with a book of photographs of some of his projects.

Jerry's presentation of the church history may be seen on page 16 of the history book on the web site history page

Las Posadas Navideñas, December 17th, 2016


Breakfast With Santa, December 10th, 2016

Arrival of Santa

Young Peacemakers Thanksgiving Dinner, November 21st, 2016

YPC "Mannequins"

Steak Dinner, November 5th, 2016

Fundraising Afternoon Tea Event held at the Life Enrichment center, October 1st, 2016

Under the auspices of the United Methodist Women's Ministry at St. Paul, an afternoon tea was held at the Dayton Life Enrichment Center on October 1st, 2016. The event was arranged as a fundraiser for St. Paul and was planned by the owners/operators of the Basically British Tea Room that was located in downtown Dayton before the owners retired a couple of years ago. The Life Enrichment Center kindly donated their meeting facilities, kitchens and staff to help with the event, and many of the St. Paul staff and volunteers helped with food preparation, table service and overall organization. The event included a talk on the history of tea and the origins of the afternoon tea tradition. The funds raised provided a valuable addition to the total needed for the roof renovation at the church.

Homecoming Celebration, September 18th, 2016

In September 2016, a Homecoming celebration service was held. After the service, a talk on the history of St. Paul church was given by Jerry Murphy, a long-time volunteer at the church. A video of his talk is on the History page, on page 16 of the history book.

Channel 2 features on St Paul's need for roof repair

In September 2016, Channel 2 TV helped us by featuring our fundraising drive for urgently needed roof repair. They followed up with a second segment on he progress of the fund drive.

Mural Dedication, June 2016

This mural was dedicated on June 17th at Wesley Center, located in the Westwood neighborhood of Dayton. Started 50 years ago and supported by the United Methodist Church, Wesley is now one of the 97 United Methodist Women's National Mission Sites. The mural was done in partnership with the Montgomery County Juvenile Court and K12 Gallery over a three week period. United Methodist Women's units from the Miami Valley District supplied lunch for the young artists each day. St. Paul's UMW was one of the units who participated in making sure everyone was well fed.